Dudley Park Bowling and Recreation Club Inc

There are no strangers at the Park, only friends we are yet to meet.
Dudley Park Bowling and Recreation Club was established in 1971. Since then we are proud to uphold our reputation as The Friendliest Club in Mandurah, Western Australia.
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      The Dudley Park Bowling & Recreation Club's aim is to promote,organise
      & develope the game of lawn bowls so that its members have an equal
      opportunity to play the game socially or at a higher competative level.
      The Club also endeavours to continuously improve our valued members
      recreational & social needs in a fiscally responsible manner.

       Home Page             Home Page

   Dudley Park Bowling & Recreation Club Inc.

   Cnr. Comet & Eden Sts. Mandurah 6210

   Phone 9535 2695    Fax 9581 1566

   Email dudleypark.bc@bigpond.com

   Website www.dudleyparkbowlingclub.bowls.com.au

   Office Hours 8.30am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday


   Office Administrator  Kaye Harsley




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Ladies & Mens Pennant Finals Results for 2018/19


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Murray League 2018 Ladies 4th Division Pennant Winners

Dudley Park Bowling Club

Back Row....Sandra Keelty  Kath Spiers  Cheryl Humphreys

                  Jean Hewins  Beverley Pike

Front Row....Rosa Wanmeengern  Margaret Spencer 

                   Jean Bodecott



Murray League 2018  Saturday 1st Division Pennant Winners

Dudley Park Bowling Club 


 Back Row....Peter Rogalski  Peter Rushton  Tim Hyatt  

Dave Appleton  Wayne Hough  Alan Cowie  Ian Spragg  John Solly

Front Row....Marcus Sear  Brian Thornton  Craig Greenhalgh

Alex Hunter  Keith Cannon  Mark Simpson  Russell Bates

Ben Garrett  


Murray League 2018 Saturday 3rd Division Pennant Winners

Dudley Park Bowling Club


Back Row ....Mick Douthie  Steve Rowsell  Lindsay Cox

Terry Wright  John Walker  John Paterson

Front Row....Ian Quartermain Ray Busani  Garry Newman

Brian Vaughan  Rob Dunlop   Bill O'Neill  Shane Kahler

Missing..........Graham Roberts  Kevin Sloper


Murray League 2018 Saturday 4th Division Pennant Winners 

Dudley Park Bowling Club

Back Row....Paul Opitz  Ken Markham  Brian Coppendale

Dudley Gaunt  Dick Jauncey  Stephen Fairbotham

Front Row....Fred Bates  Terry Mahar  Marc Knight  Murray Jones

Jock Lawrence  Kevin Glanville


Murray League 2018 Midweek 1st Division Pennant Winners

Dudley Park Bowling Club  


Alex Hunter  Brian Jones  Peter Jones  Graeme Needs  

David Dunstan   Kim White  Brian Thornton  Ian Spragg

Bill Savell  Peter Rogalski  Keith Cannon  Mark Simpson

(Photograph unavailable)


Murray League 2018 Midweek 2nd Division Pennant Winners

Dudley Park Bowling Club 

Back Row....Brian Coppendale  Mick Douthie  Les Fessey

Russell Simon  Graham Roberts  Terry Wright  Gary Willox

Front Row....Bruce Deters  Peter Cooksey  Trevor Merritt

Kevin Sloper  Mike Bodecott 


Murray League 2018 Midweek 3rd Division Pennant Winners

Dudley Park Bowling Club

Back Row....Ian Quartermain  Ron Murphy  Dudley Gaunt

Ray Willers  John Selfe  Peter Dixon

Front Row....Larry Hooper  Kevin Glanville   Aaron Monkley

Jock Lawrence   Dick Ingle  Hans Verstegen


Photo of Historic Derby Playoff between Dudley Park 1 and

Dudley Park 2 for Murray League 2018 Saturday 1st Division 



Back Row....Peter Rogalski  Keith Bransby  Mat Mundy  

Peter Rushton  Tim Hanney  Tim Hyatt  Dave Appleton

Wayn Hough  Alan Cowie  Leon Birch  Ian Spragg

Paul(Krackers)McGranahan  Graeme Needs  John Solly

Frank Gobbart.

Front Row....Kim White  John(Crow)Young  Marcus Sear

Peter Jones  Brian Thornton  Craig Greenhalgh  Alex Hunter

Keith Cannon  Mark Simpson  Russell Bates  Tom Nye

Russell Tyrrell  Ben Garrett

Kneeling....Peter Urich  Steve Davies  Steve Monamy














































Independent Auditor's Report to the Members

Audited Financial Statements for Year ended 31 March 2018. The Full Report including Notes to the Financial Statements are on display on the Club's notice boards or available on request from the Office.

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Treasurers Report

Kaye Preen Retiring Treasurer presented her Report for the year 2017/18.

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President's Report

2017/18 President's report presented by retiring President Peter Urich at 2018 AGM

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